This is what seekers had to say about their Palm Leaf Reading

I first learned about Indian Palm leaf reading in April 2017 when I was at Exhibition Place in Toronto. I was very drawn to the Indian Palm Leaf reading and wanted to know all about it. At the booth Dr. Q. Moayad and Emese Boda explained what it is about and how it works. I kept going back to their booth and finally I decided to go for it.

It all began with my left thumb print being sent to India. When my bundle was found I was amazed at how accurate my reading was. The reader was able to tell me about my whole existence just from my left thumb print.

At first, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from the reading. I was fasinated and blown away with the accuracy from the reader. The reader made me feel relaxed, and he had a wonderful sense of humor.

The most amazing part of the reading was the matching process. Every time I answered a question with the word “correct”, I could feel the excitement bubbling up inside of me, and the reader was also happy to see me happy. The more questions that I answered with the word “correct” the more I wanted to know. These were very private details of my life that no one knew, but these details kept showing up throughout my reading. The reader told me my name, my parents’ names, the year and the exact time that I was born. He also, told me about a past life that has affected me in this lifetime and that I will be free of my karma by October 2017. He told me that I have a very bright and magical life to look forward to.

I am so grateful that I met Dr. Q. Moayad and Emese Boda. Many thanks to the team at the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute who helped me have an amazing experience. A very special thank you to Emese for your loving support, patience and guidance, and also helping me with my lack of knowledge on Skype. I would like to say thank you to Guruji for doing my reading. Blessing to everyone.

Gayle Tomlinson

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My palm leaf reading experience was fascinating. I got all sorts of information about what I can expect my life’s path to be in the areas of career, love and health. The reader and interpreter were very easy to communicate with and answered all my questions, even questions not directly written on the leaf. This was my second palm leaf reading and I was so curious to see how it would compare to my first reading and it was very similar.

The institute made the procedure of getting my reading so fast and easy. The reading was scheduled in and read in less than a week once I submitted my thumb print and it was scheduled to my time zone. It was very fast and convenient.

After the reading I received a recording and further instructions of how I can best utilize my reading going forward. I received a recording I can have forever so I can go back and listen to my life’s path whenever I feel so inclined.

Thank you for making this such an easy and fun process. I will cherish my reading forever.

Stacey Weckstein, Solopreneur

New York, USA

My cousin told me of her experience with her palm leaf reading and it seemed like it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. I was in a place with a lot of uncertainty – with regards to my career and life as well as new circumstances in my romantic life – and it was causing me to feel a lot of dissonance over what I should be doing. The palm leaf reading provided a lot of insight into my path and gave me comfort with even the turmoil I was facing at that time, and am sure to face in the future.

It opened my eyes to some aspects of life I thought were not an option for me in this lifetime. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking insight into their journey and purpose, or to anyone who is looking for inspiration in life. It was a very positive and enlightening experience. All of the people who assisted in the palm leaf reading and process were very helpful and amazing spirits. There was no doubt the leaf was mine alone! Thanks so much for the experience!

Heidi Von Steelandt

Alberta, Canada

The details of your life, that no one else could possibly know, come up in the reading. It is a perfectly guided chain of events that lead you from one life occasion to another. It is the knowing that whatever you are going through, you will get through it and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Especially when several months after the reading, details from the leaf begin to emerge. At the time it was a lot of information, over 50 years’ worth. Well worth listening to over and over again.

Every time I answered a question with a yes, my heart would begin to race.  The more questions that were correct the more joy I experienced.  When my leaf was finally found, I had an overwhelming warmth fill my heart.

By the end of the reading, I knew the areas of my life that I must pay attention too. For example, digestion would be consistent challenges throughout my life, both past and future. Knowing that if I don’t change my ways, I would always have an angry tummy.

I also discovered where my marriage blocks come from and how to correct them. Overall, I have had, do have and will continue to have a very blessed life.

Heather Wurz

Alberta, Canada

My palm leaf reading was one of the most profound experiences of my life! Only a few days after I sent my left thumbprint to India, I was informed that my bundle was found! A few days later, with excitement, curiosity, and an open heart, I sat down to have my 3-hour session with the reader in India. The matching process and reading were like nothing I had ever experienced before. I was amazed at the detailed, private information the reader was able to identify about me (without being provided any previous information). My name, my parents’ names, my birthdate, that I was born in the afternoon, and a certain ongoing health issue.

The reader shared details about my current life circumstances which were eerily accurate, as well as the course of my life journey over the next several decades. He spoke of areas of love/relationships, children, family, career, finances, health, and various periods of both luck and misfortune. Wow!

It was fascinating to hear the details of my most recent past life, the karma I have brought forth to this lifetime, and how everything is most certainly connected. I have no doubt of this. What a truly meaningful, powerful experience that has provided me with reassurance, guidance, and most of all peace of mind and heart. It has allowed a deeper sense of clarity and KNOWING, an expansion of awareness, and has helped me to connect the dots of this existence … past, present, and future.

Krista Clelland, Psychotherapist

Alberta, Canada

 I sought out my Palm Leaf reading upon hearing about it on podcast that Dr. Q had recently appeared on. I knew this was for me so I requested my bundle, and set up a Skype session with Dr. Q and never looked back. After little less than 2 weeks and my bundle was found. My reading was amazing, because before I was kind lost and woke up each day kind of lethargic and not knowing what I was meant to do in this life. After my reading I knew right away what my purpose truly is in this world. I was able to get the good and bad that I will attract in my life but through doing poojas and healthier life habits I can minimize the damage. It took some time to find my palm leaf and I was scared they weren’t going to find it, but be patient and trust me you will know exactly which leaf belongs to you. Emese was very quick to respond to my emails and she set the appoint up very quickly, she was a great help. I am truly grateful for this experience and look forward to living a wonderful life.

Kirk Evans

New Orleans, Louisiana

One of Dr. Q’s Youtube videos drew me to the IPLR Institute website. Currently I reside in the US and work in Information Technology. I have always been fascinated with the spiritual aspect of life and was curious to find out what the future held for me.  It was a smooth and efficient process right from submitting the thumb prints to the matching/reading session.  Ms. Boda and Dr. Q were always in touch with me throughout the entire process. I can’t say I was totally surprised that such manuscripts were stored in India and one of them reflected my life story, as I grew up in India and was always drawn towards the spirituality of the land and nature. As the matching and reading unfolded, my excitement peaked and just kept thanking the Maharishis and the almighty for the grace and affection they bestowed on me. It was an amazing experience to get the matching and reading done as the leaf uncovered some fascinating aspects of my current as well as prior life. It told me about my birth date, my parents’ name, my current job etc. The reading helped me focus on the key aspects of my life and how I could make the most out of them for example, my married life, career etc.  The Guruji (reader) and translator Mr. Shyam were very patient and helpful throughout the matching and reading.  I really can’t thank the whole team enough for the great service they provide.  I pray to the lord that the institute continues to be the means to the answers souls are searching for and help bring positive changes in the lives of more and more seekers.

D. Patel, Service IT

Pennsylvania, USA

I first heard about Indian palm leaf reading when traveling to Europe recently. I met the most amazing, intelligent, caring person who had been through so much in his life and had overcome so many hurdles to then share with me his incredible story and his meeting with Indian palm leaf readings and Nadi astrology. After hearing about his experience, I was intrigued and fascinated about Indian palm leaf readings and wanted to see if there was one written for me as well. I was really excited, nervous and a little skeptical but also positive at the same time to have a reading done.
My leaf was found and I was blown away at how accurate my reading was. Everything that was read to me was accurate and real. It made me feel empowered, strong, grateful and happy at what the future may hold for me and for my children. It’s an experience that I will hold in my heart, and will watch the recording of my reading as my life moves forward and I embrace what I have been told and the guidance I have been given. I look forward to create and shape my future. Knowledge is power. What an amazing experience!

Brigitte Prell, Dance teacher

Melbourne, Australia

II found it fascinating how many personal things were uncovered in my palm leaf. What I learned about myself blew me away. It was something I never thought I would do, as it was way out of my comfort zone, but everyone at the Institute was so kind and caring that I always felt very safe. It was truly a magical experience. Thank you Dr. Q for introducing this incredible experience to me. It was certainly unbelievable how much they could tell me about myself from just my left thumb print.

Jan Hall, Retiree

WA, Australia

I was looking for direction and change in my life. The reading provided me with the insight about how to proceed with my life and achieve the change I was looking for. I would like to thank the Institute for their help with facilitating such a great service and my moderator Emese in particular for her patience and kindness and help with the excellent translation of my reading.

Marit Johanson, Retiree

Oslo, Norway

When I was searching for my palm leaf, I was experiencing a very challenging, difficult moment in my life. And we all have one at times. So I needed some guidance and directions. During the process of matching, the reader was able to tell both of my parents’ names, which are difficult Japanese names. I remember feeling chills running down my back, it was amazing! So I am convinced that the palm leaf was absolutely mine and no one else’s. During the process of reading, the reader was telling me that up until the moment of my reading my life was a challenging one but they also told me that the challenging times were now over. That a bright future is now ahead of me. For example, the reading helped me to clearly see my life’s path. In general, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for helping me with finding my palm leaf!

Rie Sato, Business woman

Okinawa, Japan

My palm leaf reading was a wonderful experience. It helped me to understand myself better and to open up my mind. The reading gave me an opportunity to better understand how to proceed so that I can bring change to my life. A special thanks to the team at the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute who helped me have this wonderful experience with their kindness, patience and expert knowledge.

Maria Aardal, Nurse

Oslo, Norway