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Seeing you here says a few things about you

It tells us that…

You’ve likely come to a crossroads in your life.

And you’re ready to connect to your true purpose, longing for something more, something different.

Your daily routine isn’t serving you, and your growing list of questions needs answers.

And you possibly feel torn between pursuing earthly success or spiritual wealth.

Or you’re a curious soul ready to unleash your spiritual side.

A Nadi Leaf Reading helps you replace uncertainty with an expansive view of your life

Past, present and future

Whether you’re yearning for awareness, validation or hope, this profound spiritual experience will unlock the ancient map of your future so you can:

Live your life in alignment with your purpose

Become more focused towards your goals

Feel more prepared to face your future

Put past events into perspective
Reaffirm certain intuitions
Replace uncertainty with inner peace

And find a better connection with your inner compass.

Hear from our customers

My Palm Leaf was finally found in the third bundle. What followed was a confirmation of what I was already doing in my life, that I was doing the right thing in the right place. I was then told the ups and downs for my next few years – professionally, health-wise, and spiritually. Which was partly conclusive from my life so far. At the end there was a great wonderful surprise, which I had not expected at all! Very important for me were the following instructions on how I can strengthen the coming good things and mitigate the less good. I recommend the Palm Leaf Reading to all those who feel that their life is not quite as they would like it to be and need some clear and reliable advice on how to proceed.

– Günter Wintgens –

Deryn Winchester

It is the best intuitive reading I have ever encountered. It made me understand that my thread of existence is part of a much larger tapestry, and that I’m in charge of the design!

– Deryn Winchester –

Cornell Andras

I had an extremely powerful reading. It depends on where your life is currently at, but for me it was extremely personal and powerful. It confirmed lingering questions and brought context to some of the things in this life path. It pointed to things in the future that I have been feeling. Highly recommend if one is pulled to it.

– Cornell Andras –

Bridget Boland

Really satisfying and profound. A wonderful confirmation of my deepest longings and yearnings as well as enlightening wisdom on family and relationships.

– Bridget Boland –

Dr. Q MoayadWelcome to the next chapter of your life

Hi, I’m Dr. Q, Co-Founder of the Life Navigation Institute, the only western-based Institute of its kind.

My team and I absolutely love bringing the Maharishis’ ancient Palm Leaf Prophecies to the comfort and safety of your home—no matter where you are located.

Since 2013, we’ve supported spiritual seekers and curious souls just like you in over 24 countries through their shift in consciousness.

Let me take you back in time to around 2,000-3,000 years ago. That’s when the many great sages of India, the Maharishis, were so pure of heart and mind, and had attained such a high level of consciousness that they could see through time and space.

These Maharishis could see the future lives of millions of people and preserved these visions for eternity on dried Palm Leaves. One for each person’s life they foresaw …and among them possibly yours.

How we effortlessly bridge the cultural divide so you can fully immerse yourself in this grounding experience? With the help of our passionate team of meticulously selected facilitators, translators and traditionally trained readers in India.

And on the rare occasion we can’t locate your Palm Leaf, then you can call on our 100% Money Back Guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Now imagine

What if you could face life’s inevitable ups and downs with profound clarity?

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Find peace in everyday life and uncover your very own inner source of strength

The path to your Indian Palm Leaf Reading

This life-changing service consists of two payments.

1st Payment: Pay the Deposit



Once we receive the deposit we’ll begin to search for your Palm Leaf Bundle.

2nd Payment: Pay the matching & reading fee



Once our reader has found your Bundle(s), we move onto the matching and reading process.

Step 1

The Search

All we need to begin the search for your Palm Leaf Bundle(s) is your thumb impression, your country of birth and your gender. This will help our expert readers in India physically match Palm Leaf Bundle(s) that may contain your individual Palm Leaf.

The physical search can take up to 6 months, but we usually have an indication within 6-12 weeks.

Simply pay a $100USD deposit to get started.*

*Our 100% Money Back Guarantee covers a full refund if we are unsuccessful in finding at least 1 matching bundle within 6 months.

Find your palm leaf library
Your Nadi Reading over Zoom

Step 2

Pay the Matching Fee

Once the reader has found your Bundle(s), it’s time to pay the $400USD matching & reading fee*. That’s when the matching process for your personal Palm Leaf within the bundle(s) begins.

Your matching process takes place from the convenience of your home via Zoom.

It involves on-call live support from one of our western-based expert moderators and our highly-trained team of Tamil to English translators and readers in India.

The reader will move through the Leaves in the Bundle(s) until he can confirm your name, your parents’ names and your date of birth, among other things.

That’s when we know we found your individual Palm Leaf.

*Should you be among the currently 1.3% of curious souls we cannot successfully match with their personal Palm Leaf within the Bundle(s), you can choose to receive a full refund of $400USD or continue the search in the libraries of India.

Step 3

The Reading

Based on the individual Palm Leaf your expert reader identified during the matching process, the extensive reading will share ancient wisdoms the Maharishi wrote down about your life.

This reading forms part of the same Zoom call and will come with the continued support of your moderator, translator and expert reader.

It will answer questions about your past, present and future life, focusing on your health, relationships and family, career and finances. You’ll also touch on previous life experiences, your past karma and potential cleansing remedies (poojas).

Your Nadi Astrology Reading

Your reading allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience

Within 2 weeks of your Nadi Leaf Reading you’ll receive:

An edited video recording of your reading so you can be fully present during the call and revisit it as you need renewed clarity.

A printable PDF with your personal poojas (remedies) so you can reduce the severity of adverse predictions or even prevent them.

Detailed pictures of your individual Nadi Palm Leaf as a tangible memento to preserve and treasure.

Let’s hear from those who have had their reading

Tucky Fussell

It was quite in-depth and covered health, wellness, career, love, passions, hobbies, locations. I did it as a I hope to make a major transition within the next few years and change my job and location, so the ground will shift and I wanted clarity about that. The reading gave me a great sense of direction, acknowledged that indeed I am on the right path for my soul, and indicated areas in which I can heal my emotional and physical body. In short, it was very illuminating and I feel very inspired.

– Tucky Fussell –

Susanne Koheil

From the very beginning I was guided in a very professional manner. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. The steps of the process were clearly communicated to me. All the questions I had beforehand and during the reading were answered. I found answers to pressing questions. Personally, it helps me extraordinarily to know what to expect and how to deal with it. Reading my palm leaf was a real eye-opener for me. I can now look to the future with more serenity. It was one of the best and most important decisions I have made in my life.

– Susanne Koheil –

Samantha Lotus

WOW!!! SO ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWN!!! Honestly, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I do a LOT with spiritual, healing and different framework modalities, and this one is EXTRA special! The depth of care, precision and support with the reading and the pathway for being my highest most aligned self truly activated me and assisted in helping me come into further alignment. I am so grateful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

– Samantha Lotus –

Over 2,500 readings, 100% money-back guarantee

Unfortunately, we’re experiencing unprecedented interest in our readings.

We would love to share this experience with as many people as possible, however, in order to provide a high-quality experience we've reached our current capacity to deliver this life-changing service. If you're interested in having a reading, please join our waiting list to be notified when we have availability again to search for new bundles.

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Discover how Nadi Astrology can help you understand your life better

Have more questions?

We likely have the answers

What if you don’t find my personal Palm Leaf?

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee means that if we cannot locate at least 1 suitable Bundle within 6 months, we’ll refund your entire deposit of $100USD.

What if the Bundle(s) your reader finds don’t contain my personal Palm Leaf?
In the unlikely event that we can‘t match you, you have 2 options:
Receive a full refund of your $400USD matching & reading fee
Ask us to continue the search for your Bundle(s)
How do I know this is an authentic experience?
Because we have supported 2,500+ curious souls on this journey and have received 300+ 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

We are proud to say that our Institute is the only one governed by US Consumer Law for your protection and peace of mind.

If you want to see what’s involved in booking your reading with us, then simply watch one of the many full recorded readings on our YouTube channel.

How do I know your team of interpreters and readers in India are qualified?
Our expert team of readers and interpreters has worked with our Institute since we opened in 2013.

The interpreters specialize in Tamil to English Palm Leaf Readings and are respected for their skills.

Our expert readers have completed lifelong training in ancient Tamil, Vedic astrology, numerology, Ayurveda, gemology, the 5 elements, and the identification of thumbprints.

We have complete trust in their passion, experience and wisdom.

You can get to know some of them in this video.

Why do you need my thumbprint, and how do I submit it?
Your thumbprint is the “secret” to locating your Palm Leaf. But rest assured, we know how private a thumbprint is and would never pass it on to third parties.

Your thumbprint is regarded as your genetic imprint and baseline which help our expert reader identify your soul and connect you to your personal Palm Leaf.

Once you have paid your $100USD deposit, you’ll receive a template and detailed instructions to help you capture your thumbprint and submit it to us via our secure online portal.

Why do I have to pay a deposit to begin the search for my personal Bundle(s)?
Our readers physically travel from library to library searching for your Bundle(s).

This process takes weeks, possibly months, and is very labor-intensive.

Your search fee compensates our readers for their time commitment and the ancient skills it takes to identify your Bundle(s).

Should I have a Palm Leaf Reading if I’m not ready to hear negative predictions?
Your Palm Leaf Reading covers the good, the bad and the ugly.

Opening up to the experience means opening yourself up to revelations that might surprise or shock you.

We highly recommend asking yourself whether you are mentally ready to embark on a journey into your future before beginning the search for your personal Palm Leaf.

Is the reading going to give me specific information about my life?
Yes. Your Nadi Leaf Reading will take you through specific past, present and future events, and confirm specific personal information about you and your parents.

Your reader will structure future predictions into 2, 3 and 4-year blocks so you can preempt them with ease.

What are the chances that there is no personal Palm Leaf for me?
People who are predestined to come for a Nadi Reading have a 90+% chance of finding their Palm Leaf.

We have found that people from America, Europe, Oceania, and certain parts of Asia have a very high chance of finding a Palm Leaf. While people from Africa and the Middle East are less successful at locating their Leaves.

Do I need to believe in Hinduism to have a Nadi Leaf Reading?
Absolutely not. Your religion or belief system has no impact on whether you have a Palm Leaf Prophecy. It takes an open heart and an open mind.
Are Nadi Leaf Readings suitable for children?
Yes. Children must be at least 16 years old and feel a strong pull toward finding their personal Palm Leaf.
Is it possible to have more than 1 personal Palm Leaf?
Yes. There can be several personal Nadi Leaves specific to you, but most likely these would have been written by different Maharishis.

There can only ever be one Palm Leaf specific to you by one Maharishi.

If you had a reading but feel a strong pull for a second (or third), then our expert readers will search in the archives of the Maharishis who haven’t given you a Prophecy yet.

How long will the search for my bundle(s) typically take?
Our readers will typically find your Bundle(s) within 1-2 months. At times, the search can take up to 6 months.
How long does the matching and reading Zoom call usually take?
The average matching and reading session takes 3-4 hours. That includes 30-60 minutes to match you with your Leaf, a short break for the reader to prepare your reading, 60-90 minutes for the actual reading, and plenty of time for your questions.
Which questions can I ask the reader during the Zoom session?
You may ask questions about your (future) spouse/partner or (future) children, about future business transactions, whether you should move to a new place, sell your home, or buy a property. Any questions relevant to your life are valid.
What do I need to prepare for my Nadi Leaf Reading?
We recommend finding a calm and quiet place without disturbances. It also helps to light a candle, meditate, relax and take a few deep breaths before the reading part of the session.

Our readers and translators are Hindu, so please cover your shoulders or, even better, wear long sleeves to respect their traditions.

Part of the matching process requires you to confirm specific personal information for the reader so they can match you with your personal Palm Leaf. We recommend writing down all your personal details on a piece of paper and having it next to you so you can refer to it if and when needed.

Things to note:
Your date and time of birth, your first name (the name you go by), your first parents’ names and the name of your spouse/partner

Are the Nadi Predictions written on my Indian Palm Leaf predestined or set in stone?
Yes and no.
Yes, the predictions are predestined.
No, they are not necessarily going to unfold this exact way.

Your Palm Leaf holds information on what will happen to you if you keep following a particular path in your life.

However, whether you follow this path or choose another path is entirely up to you. It is of utmost importance to accept that nobody’s life is set in stone and that we have free will and choice. We are the only ones who create the reality we experience through our thoughts, actions, and non-actions.

That’s why it is so valuable to understand your current Palm Leaf predictions and why there might be several Palm Leaves waiting for you.

Knowing the contents of your current Palm Leaf will allow you to navigate your fate.

And once you have chosen a new path for yourself, there might be yet another Palm Leaf waiting for you to help you on your new life path.

Can I change the destiny written on my Palm Leaf?
Yes. All Nadi predictions follow the Hindu concept of karma. It’s up to you to take action to either cleanse your karma or taint it further.

Depending on your chosen actions in your life, your karma, and thus your destiny, may change drastically.

Your Palm Leaf will also provide a pooja (remedy) for every negative incident in your future life path. These are actions you can take to prevent negative events from happening or to reduce their severity.

The outcome is up to you.

What are some poojas (remedies) to help me clean my karma?
Poojas usually ask you to perform certain rituals, meditate, eat cleaner food, pray and get in touch with your soul.

Because Nadi Astrology stems from Hindu culture, it will suggest praying to Hindu deities, but you can choose to pray within your belief system.

A Palm Leaf will never suggest you change your religion, do anything unlawful or harmful to you or anyone else.

Will my Palm Leaf Reading also benefit my family?
Yes. Because you and your family are part of one soul group and emotionally and spiritually connected, any inherited karma blocks from your ancestors can influence you and your family in your current life.

Identifying these karma blocks in your Palm Leaf allows you to cleanse your and your (soul) family’s karma. And that will ultimately benefit all members of your soul group potentially for generations.