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There are many charlatans and so-called experts

And there are those who fill you with confidence right from the start

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Here at The Indian Palm Leaf Institute, we pride ourselves on the holistic and supportive experience we’ve painstakingly built from the ground up since 2013.

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Denise Cocksedge

I felt like my hand was led all the way by everyone involved. I was supported and everything was explained thoroughly. I was made to feel like this was my special day and indeed it was. I liked the fact that there were professionals involved who understood the western and Indian mind and were able to bring the two together in a harmonious way.

– Denise Cocksedge –

Gabriella Kidd

Working with the Indian Palm Leaf Institute has been such a source of power to carry in my pocket. It feels like I was given a very special key to my life that I am so grateful for. It has shown me the areas that need work to unblock and a sense of where I’ve came from. It truly is such a sacred gift.

– Gabrielle Kidd –

Rochelle Robertson

I had a most extraordinary experience! Everything that was said to me was precise. When you have a psychic or a tarot or something like that there is always inconsistencies and things that don’t really fit. That was not the case with the Indian palm leaf reading I received. It revealed things that resonated as far as blocks and solutions to shifting the energy around those blocks. I now have the tools to release the Samskara and move ahead in the areas where the energy was weaker. This is an extraordinary opportunity and I recommend it to anyone who is seeking.

– Rochelle Robertson –

Tanzi Baigent

The experience of having a palm leaf reading is truly extraordinary. There is a sense of being seen, known and supported. The effect it has had upon my life has been so powerful and affirming. This is an incredible, yet disappearing practice, and so I thank Dr Q so much for working so hard to bring it to the World and to help keep this ancient and extraordinary practice alive. Highly recommend!

– Tanzi Baigent – 

Finding your fate isn’t a walk in the park

It can challenge you to the core

If a far more expansive view of being is what you’re after, then you’re in the right spot.

This spiritual experience gives you the confidence, clarity and support to cope with the good, the bad and the ugly as mapped out in your Palm Leaf.

Does that mean everything will eventuate? Not necessarily.
Because your life isn’t set in stone.

And every reading comes with powerful remedies to face your future in a more meaningful way and help prevent or lessen the severity of any challenges ahead.

Palm Leaf Readings can help you better cope with life's challenges

Meet the team

In the USA, Europe and India

Dr. Q Moayad

Dr. Q Moayad

Based in the USA / Co-Founder

Dr. Q looks back on a varied career in law, tourism and life transformational coaching, and has touched many lives along the way.

His battle with childhood cancer sparked an interest in spirituality and a general realization that nothing in life was ever certain.

But it was a near-death experience in 2013 and his very own Indian Palm Leaf Reading that would be the starting point for The Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute and the pursuit of bringing this ancient wisdom to the western world.

Because his Palm Leaf Reading predicted this journey! (A reading his dear friend and now business partner, Emese, gifted him for Christmas)!

Emese Boda

Emese Boda

Based in Hungary / Co-Founder

Emese is a woman with many talents, and the heart and soul of The Indian Palm Reading Institute.

Over the years, she’s tapped into her creative, spiritual and logical side as a goldsmith, bookkeeper, dancer, medical massage therapist, energy healer, horticulturist and branch manager at Citibank with great success.

Emese fell in love with Indian Palm Leaf Reading in 2015 when pure amazement quickly replaced initial skepticism during her own reading.

Emese’s and Dr. Q’s paths crossed during his business trip to Hungary, and a lasting friendship (and business partnership) quickly followed.

Shyam Surya

Shyam Surya

Based in India / Manager of the Indian office

Shyam has been invaluable to the Institute since day 1. He not only heads up our office in India but supports readings as our Senior Translator.

Shyam developed a deep love for Hindu culture and traditions early in life and has been an expert on the topic since teenagehood.

Despite his relatively young age, he’s become one of the leading translators in the world of Palm Leaf Readings.

Guruji Jayaraj

Guruji Jayaraj

Based in India / Senior Reader

Over the years and during his time with the Institute, Guruji has established himself as one of the most distinguished luminaries in his field.

The science and art of Palm Leaf Reading have been a firm part of his life and studies for decades.

Guruji’s kind heart and enlightened mind allow him to give highly in-depth and insightful readings which have helped thousands of people globally to find direction in their lives and help during challenging times.

Why book your Palm Leaf Reading with us?

Because we have revolutionized how you experience this ancient wisdom

Proudly Accessible

Need answers to your questions? Not sure where to start? Our Founders are only ever 1 email away and will personally respond to you.

Proudly Risk-Free

We know that booking a reading online can come with hesitations. That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case we can’t locate at least 1 bundle or match your personal Leaf.

Proudly Giving Back

We personally live and breathe Indian Palm Leaf Readings and are proud to give back to the Indian communities making this incredible experience possible. Every reading directly supports orphanages in India.

Proudly Online

Think tapping into ancient Indian wisdom requires you to book a plane ticket to India? Far from it! The entire spiritual experience unravels from the comfort of your home via Zoom.

What if your fate was only one Palm Leaf away?

All it takes is a search for your very own Palm Leaf Bundle among the many traditional libraries scattered across Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state of India.