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Listen to Dr.Q explain what makes Nadi Astrology so profound in understanding the who, what and WHY of your life.

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Real words from our customers

Vishnevsky Mark
I recently had my reading and was blown away. The accuracy is incredible. The information I have learned will be utilitized to better aim the directory of my life for my benefit and the benefit of others. Knowing certain years/timeframes to be weary and careful, knowing which ailments to be cautious of and prepare for, knowing what is the best path to fulfill my destiny is absolutely an incredible wealth of knowledge everyone can use to better their lives and loved ones lives. I can’t recommend this enough.

– Vishnevsky Mark –

Sheri Salata

This was truly a spectacular spiritual experience. I saw my entire life as a divine plan in jaw-dropping detail. How is this possible? A great mystery. I feel utterly uplifted by the possibilities of my remaining days and the remedies prescribed to remove any blocks to my dreams. Highly recommend putting your trust in this institute and gifting yourself with this reading. 

– Sheri Salata –

Susu Xu

It was quite amazing when they pronounced my name and my parents name(Chinese names!) and confirmed that is my leaf! The team is amazing and humble and very dedicated to help more people. They will give you the blueprint of your life and you kind know how to navigate with the flow.

– Susu Xu –