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The ancient map of your past, present and future

Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute

Curious about the next chapter of your life?

Let us help you face life’s inevitable ups and downs with profound clarity.

Indian Palm Leaf Readings not only have the power to reveal your past, present and future life path as recorded by the great Maharishis of India over 2,000 years ago, they also connect you with answers far beyond logic:

Your Obstacles

and how to remove them

Your Destiny

and the path to take you there

Your Partner

and how to find the right one

Your Children

and what’s ahead for them

Your Career

and how to make the right choices

Your Health

and how to navigate possible challenges

Your Karma

and how to clean bad karma

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Plus, we’re honored to be supported by these spiritual leaders

Rev. Bill MCDonald

A profound and insightful look into my heart and soul. I felt what they were saying was ringing true to what I, at some level, already understood and knew. I have full confidence in this process and how they have handled not only myself but also my friends who have had their readings done with them.

I felt I was in good trusted hands and feel confident in recommending them to others I know. My experience was all positive. I am better suited to explore my own future now that I have been given some needed tools and information for my spiritual journey forward! Thank you, Dr. Q and the staff at Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute!

– Rev. Bill McDonald –

Dr. Erica Middlemiss

The leaf-finding reading was extremely beneficial to me. It gave me assurance and peace along my chosen life journey and also gave me some exciting things to look forward to in the coming future.

I think its really helpful to know (and/or have an awareness of ) any challenges, blockages, or karmic connections that may be present or coming up in life so they can be handled with more grace and ease.

I also love that we are given poojas to help with many of the challenges that are seen so that they can either be easier to go through or removed completely. Bonus!

I would highly recommend this to anyone it resonates with and feels called. If you do, your leaf is most likely there waiting to be found!

– Erica Middlemiss –

Arielle Ford

Spectacular! A decade ago I was blessed to have a reading like this in South India and I always wanted to do it again…from home.

This amazing company makes that possible and it’s extremely professional and the information I received was mindblowing. I highly recommend them.

– Arielle Ford –

Julia Cannon

The process is simple, but the results are amazing! I still can’t get over how accurate it was. I was totally ‘gobsmacked’ when they found my leaf as well as when they revealed some very specific details in the reading.

After finding the leaf you receive the reading for different areas of your life moving forward. This is very beneficial to be able to see areas of concern and/or that can be adjusted by your own actions.

I recommend this for anyone looking for more insight and timelines on coming events.

– Julia Cannon –

Since 2013, we’ve supported spiritual seekers and curious souls in 24+ countries through their shift in consciousness.

As the first western-based Institute of its kind, we love bringing the Maharishis’ ancient Palm Leaf Prophecies to the comfort and safety of your home—no matter where you are located.

It’s our passionate team of facilitators, translators and traditionally trained readers in India who effortlessly bridge the cultural divide so you can fully immerse yourself in this grounding experience.

The team at Indian Palm Life Institute

Real words from our customers

Stevie Calista

The Indian Palm Leaf Reading was completely fascinating. It was unlike any other healing session or reading I’ve ever had. I walked away in total wonder and feeling really grounded for what is coming for me and the ones important to me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for understanding of not only their place in the cosmos but also what is coming in the future. It helps you realize just how much mystery life holds.

– Stevie Calista –

Dione Jarboe

This Indian Palm Leaf Reading was one of the most enlightening moments of my life. The things I have learned about myself are so much more understandable and validated through this process. Everyone on the Indian Palm Leaf Reading team was kind, and the information came through honest and clear. I am fortunate and blessed to have had this experience with the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute. I continue recommending it to many people.

– Dione Jarboe –

Marcello Real
I had a Nadi Palm Leaf reading earlier this month, July 2022, and it was a profoundly validating Twilight Zone experience. The homework of reciting mantras to melt away obstacles has already resulted in a subtle shift in opening my mindset for a healthier future, for which I am quite grateful. I highly recommend readings from the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute to anyone on a spiritual journey.

– Marcello Real –

Curious to explore this ancient form of Vedic astrology further?

Dr. Q explains what makes Nadi Astrology so profound in understanding the who, what and WHY of your life.

Discover how Nadi Astrology can help you understand your life better
Visiting a Palm Leaf Library

Let’s capture your imagination today (and for the future)

Your spiritual journey begins with the search for your very own Palm Leaf Bundle among the many traditional libraries scattered across the southernmost state of India, the primary center of Nadi Astrology.

The Palm Leaf Reading Universe

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