What karma is and is not, how Nadi astrology can help cleanse your karma



This is not karma



Karma doesn’t punish or judge


People often misuse “karma” to mean some future judgement for actions in the present. If the present action is good, we will be rewarded – so-called good karma – but if the action is bad, we someday will be punished with bad karma. The idea that someone or something is punishing us implies retaliation. Revenge. Tit for tat. These are elements of humanity. This is not karma. Karma is not some all-seeing being in the universe who lovingly smiles and pats the heads of good people and sternly frowns and slaps the bottoms of the bad. Karma doesn’t judge. 


This is karma


You reap what you sow


You reap what you sow


Imagine you have a spiritual closet. Every emotionally-charged thought, word or action you have, say and do – positive and negative – gets stored in this closet. You open the door, push it in, and quickly shut it again. One day, you have an emotionally charged thought, word or deed, and when you open the door to push it in, something else happens. A past thought, word or action we previously had comes falling out on top of you, via an experience. 
This experience may be new to us, but it has the same size and weight of the thought, word or action we previously stored. We feel it fully, and interpret it: positive or negative, joy or pain, butterfly or bee. 

This is karma

There is a way to take the sting out of karma. It’s the act of forgiveness. Only when we fully open our hearts, repent, and deeply feel the effect of what we have inflicted on someone else will the negative interpretation of karma dissolve. Karma is not punishment. It is neither good nor bad. It is merely our past thoughts, words and actions returning to us. Completing the circle. Balancing the scales.  The old adage “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” needs an update. It should read: “When life gives you lemons, understand that these are the same lemons you gave to someone in the past, and only by eating the sour fruit will you fully understand the impact your actions had on them. Eat enough lemons and it will cause you to repent. The result is a feeling of compassion and a deeper level of understanding. A mini-awakening.


How can Nadi astrology help cleanse karma?

Karma plays a big role in Nadi astrology. Especially, when you carry big negative karma from a previous life.

How can I know that I might have a big karmic block?

A good indication is that you do not seem be able to advance in one or more areas in your life: career, money, or relationships, for example. Or you find yourself trapped in the same vicious cycle over and over again: your relationships turn toxic after a while, your employers don’t pay in time or enough, or you regularly lose your job, even though you haven’t done anything wrong.
Further examples for life situations where karmic blocks come into play would be: you meet someone but after a while the relationship falls apart. You apply for jobs that you would be a perfect fit for, but don’t get the job. The jobs you get simply don’t provide you with sufficient income. When you rent an apartment, you end up having issues with the landlord or the neighbors, which make living in the apartment less than desirable. You might continuously get sick. It could be just small health issues, such as getting a cold for months on end, or little injuries that are a pain in the neck but not necessarily render you incapable of working. Or you suffer from chronic issues: allergies, migraines, or insomnia for example. Not to mention major illnesses such a cancer or tumors.

I took the time to write out some examples to make sure that you understand that perfectly “normal” challenges in one’s life can stem from some past life karma. Just as it was mentioned earlier, in your previous lives you squished emotionally charged thoughts and deeds into your spiritual closet. And in this lifetime your closet popped open and some of the previous deeds fell right back onto you. And now, you carry them around like a heavy boulder on your back. And no matter what you do, you don’t seem to be able to push if off.

Nadi astrology helps cleanse karma


Nadi astrology is based in Hindu traditions. In Hinduism, it is believed that one can indeed overcome their karmic blocks completely. Small negative karma can be cleansed through good deeds. They can be regular everyday actions where you help others, are kind to others or support the needy. Over a lifetime this amounts to quite a lot of positive energies which can easily eradicate smaller negative karmic blocks.  When it comes to bigger negative karmic blocks, one needs to do some poojas. Poojas can literally be translated as prayer ceremonies or ceremonial acts. To keep it simple, in western terminology, we call them energy shifting exercises. If something in your life goes well, then obviously your energies are flowing the way they are supposed to. But if some parts of your life are not going the way you would hope for, then this means that your energies are off. And poojas help you cleanse your energies and hence help overcome your blocks.  In a Nadi readings, the reader will be able to tell you if you carry strong negative karma from your past life. If that is the case, he will give you a detailed karmic reading. When you lived and where you lived. Your gender and your social status and your profession. And of course also what you did that ended up causing you to have the strong karmic block in this lifetime.

The leaf will then provide poojas based on the karma that was identified in your reading.

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