Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about Indian Palm Leaf Reading

What is Nadi / Indian Palm Leaf Astrology?

Nadi (sometimes also Naadi) or Indian Palm Leaf Astrology is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu. It is based on the belief that the past, present and future lives of many humans were foreseen by Hindu sages and recorded on Palm Leaves in ancient times (Palm Leaf Prophecies).


What is a Palm Leaf Prophecy?

A Palm Leaf Prophecy or the contents of a Palm Leaf are an accurate future prediction of a person’s life, written down by Indian Sages approximately 3,000 years ago. They have been conserved throughout the millennia and are still available for those who intend to search for them. These prophecies contain information about one’s past, but, most importantly, also about a person’s future. The Palm Leaf also contains one’s present details, like their name, their parents’ names, their birth details, job, siblings, spouse/partner as well as children.

What are Palm Leaf Manuscripts?

Palm Leaf Manuscripts are dried palm leaves which contain Palm Leaf Prophecies. Palm leaves have been used as writing materials in South Asia and in Southeast Asia dating back several thousand years. They were used to record actual and mythical narratives. People eventually began to write these tales onto dried and smoke-treated palm leaves, which, for the most part, still exist today.

Who wrote the Palm Leaf Prophecies?

The Nadi Astrology Predictions were received and recorded by at least 7 sages (some readers mention 18 and even more sages), the so called Maharishis, such as Atri, Bhrigu, Angira, Gautama, Kashyapa, Vashishta, and, most importantly, Agasthya, who wrote the most prophecies.

How many Palm Leaves are there and where are they archived?

The exact number of Palm Leaf Prophecies stored is unknown, as there are no written records about Palm Leaf Prophecies. Most readers estimate that there are about 20 million bundles stored throughout several archives and libraries in India. Each main library holds a few million bundles. There are several main libraries and several smaller libraries primarily in southern India.

Each Palm Leaf bundle holds up to 108 Palm Leaves (and thus Palm Leaf Prophecies). If we calculate 20 million bundles times an average of 50 leaves in a bundle, it would mean that there are about 1 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies; calculating with 100 leaves per bundle, there would be about 2 billion Palm Leaf Prophecies. The current world population is about 7.5 billion people. The chances of you having a Palm Leaf is therefore very high, increasingly so if you are drawn to find it, as experience shows.

What are the chances of having a Palm Leaf Prophecy?

People who are predestined to come for a Nadi Reading have a 90+ % chance of finding their Palm Leaf. From experience we know that people from America, Europe, Oceania, and certain parts of Asia have a very high chance of having a Palm Leaf. But for example for people from Africa and the Middle East the chances of having a Palm Leaf waiting for them are rather slim.

Why do I need a Nadi Reading?

The answer to this question is ultimately up to you. A Nadi Reading can provide you with valuable insights into your past and future life, provide guidance if you feel lost, help you with important life decisions, support you in your endeavors to get back onto your life path and much more.
Apart from that, however, you may want to find your Palm Leaf simply because people are curious by nature. We long to know what destiny has in store for us.

Is it necessary to believe in Hinduism for having a Palm Leaf Prophecy?

Absolutely not. One’s religion or belief system has no impact at all on whether a person has a Palm Leaf Prophecy or not. The only thing required is an open heart and an open mind.

Are there predictions for children?

Yes, there are predictions for children, too. However, there are only predictions for children above the age of 15 who feel a strong pull towards finding their own Palm Leaf.

Is it possible for me to have two or more Palm Leaves?

Yes, for some people it is possible that more than just one Palm Leaf was written. But there can only be one Palm Leaf by a Maharishi. If you feel a strong pull toward looking for a second (or third, etc.) Palm Leaf, even though you already had a reading in the past, then the readers will look in the archives of the Maharishis from whom you have not yet had a Prophecy.

Questions about the Indian Palm Leaf Reading process

How do I find my Palm Leaf?

All we need to start looking for your Palm Leaf is your country of birth and your right thumbprint if you are male or your left thumbprint if you are female. We do not need any other details concerning your person such as your name, date of birth or address (please consider that we will, however, need those to process your payment). After you submitted your thumbprint, our readers in India will start looking for your bundle(s), which will, hopefully, contain your Palm Leaf. To learn more about the process, please see “Finding Your Destiny”.

How long will the search for my bundle(s) take?

Typically, the search will take between one and two weeks.

How long does a Palm Leaf Reading take?

The first part, the Matching Process, serves to find your exact Palm Leaf within the bundle. How long this part takes, greatly depends on how many Palm Leaves there are in a bundle. It also depends on whether your Palm Leaf is among the very first in a bundle or among the last. Last but not least, it also depends on whether your Palm Leaf is in the first bundle or in the second or third. But usually the Matching Process takes between approximately 20 minutes and 1 hour.

After a successful Matching Process, the reader needs some personal time to meditate and work on your Palm Leaf so that he can prepare the Reading for you. This process usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour. (During this period you also have a break).

Then, the actual Reading will begin. This second part goes deep into all aspects of your future life: health, relationships and family, and career and finances. The Reading Process usually takes between one and two hours.

Which questions can I ask during my Palm Leaf Reading?

You may ask as many questions about anything that concerns your life as you wish. For example, questions about your (future) spouse/partner or (future) children, about business transactions that are lying ahead, whether you should move to a new place, sell your old home, or buy a property.

How can I prepare for an Indian Palm Leaf Reading?

The Palm Leaf Matching and Reading should be done in a calm and quiet place. So it is best if you can avoid anything that could disturb the process. It also helps to light a candle, meditate, relax and take a few deep breaths before the Reading Process begins.

Because the reader and the translator are Hindu, please be so kind and cover your shoulders or, even better, wear long sleeves or wrap a shawl around your shoulders to respect their traditions.

Lastly, during the Matching Process you will need to confirm specific personal information for the reader, making sure that your individual Palm Leaf is found. In order to avoid confusion and delays during the Process, we recommend you write down all personal details on a piece of paper and have next to you so that you can refer to it if and when needed. We suggest that you write down your date and time of birth, your name (the way you are usually being called), your parents’ names (including middle or maiden names) and the name of your spouse/partner.

Questions about the Palm Leaf Prophecies / Nadi Predictions

Are the Nadi Predictions written on my Indian Palm Leaf predestined / set in stone?

The answer to this question is rather complex. Basically yes, they are predestined, but no, they are not necessarily going to happen this exact way. Your Palm Leaf tells you what is going to happen to you if you keep following a certain path in your life. It is, however, up to you whether you would like to keep following this path you are on or try and take another route. This is why it is so valuable for you to get to know the contents of your Palm Leaf and why there might be several Palm Leaves waiting for you. Knowing the contents of your current Palm Leaf will leave you empowered to take your fate in your own hands, and once you have chosen a new path for yourself, chances are there might be yet another Palm Leaf waiting for you to help you on this new life path of yours.

Can people change the destiny predicted to them in their Palm Leaf?

Yes, you can. All Nadi Predictions follow the Hindu concept of karma and it is up to you to take action to either cleanse your karma or taint it further. Depending on which actions you choose for your life, your karma, and thus your destiny, may change drastically.

For every negative incident in your future life path, your Palm Leaf will also provide a “remedy”, some action you ought to take to prevent this negative occurrence from ever coming to pass. It is up to you to use this remedy, or not.

What kind of actions might my Palm Leaf ask me to take in order to cleanse my karma?

According to Hindu belief, any bad occurrence in your life directly stems from bad karma that you have accumulated. If you would like to prevent these bad things from happening to you, you must cleanse your karma enough to deserve a better future. Your Palm Leaf will help you do so by asking you to perform certain rituals, meditate, eat cleaner foods, pray and get in touch with your soul. Even though Nadi Astrology is embedded in Hindu culture and thus naturally you will be suggested to pray to Hindu deities, you can of course choose to rather pray within your own belief system. The important point is that you do meditate and pray and focus on your karmic cleansing and healing. You can rest assured that a Palm Leaf will never suggest that you change your religion, do anything unlawful or harmful to you or anyone else in any shape or form.

Will my Palm Leaf Reading also affect / help my family and friends?

You and your family are part of a soul group and thus emotionally and spiritually connected. You might have inherited certain karma blocks from your ancestors, which now could influence you and your family in your current life. These karma blocks can be identified and remedied with the help of your personal Palm Leaf. Cleansing your own and your (soul) family’s karma will benefit all members of your soul group, not just yourself, and that, potentially, for generations.