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July 11, 2019  We are so happy to have been invited by Jonathan Colbert to be a guest on his radio show “create your holistic lifestyle”. podcast  Create-your-holistic-lifestyle_featured-image March 03, 2019  “The hidden secrets of the Indian Palm leaf library revealed” – The interview with Dr. Q podcast Indian Palm Leaf Reading in radio show March 01, 2019  We were invited by lovely @gailthackray to talk about the ancient wisdom of Indian Palm Leaf Reading podcast Indian Palm Leaf Reading with Gail Thackray March 01, 2019  Dr Q, the founder of The Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute was interviewed by Kasey Wallis.  podcast

October 02, 2018 

We are so excited to be a guest speaker on the Bob Charles Show We will of course be talking about Indian Palm Leaf Reading/Naadi Astrology. 


Naadi Astrology is in Bob Charles show March 12, 2018 Lori Spagna, famous author and healer invited the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute to be guest on her radio show.  podcast

May 27, 2017

Janine and Michael welcome Dr. Q back to the show to discuss Janine’s experience when she received the specific information written for her by a Maharishi more than thousand years earlier. A show you won’t want to miss! 


Indian Palm Leaf Reading Radio show

April 16, 2017

Dr. Q Moayad, explains the origins of these unique and ancient readings from the Rishis, how they differ from Western astrology and how they can provide precise guidance in the 21st Century. 


Indian Palm Leaf Reading Radio show


On the right you will find some pictures of bundles that contain individual palm leaves. We were also lucky to have been allowed to visit one of the oldest and biggest palm leaf libraries in the whole country, located in Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The director of the library, C.A. Shinde is holding a century old bundle in his hands. In one of the pictures, you can see the line up of our entire team in our Indian office. 

Image Sources: MSE Boda Photography


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