Nadi Astrology and the Palm Leaf Prophecies

About 3,000 years ago there were many great sages (the exact number is unclear: some speak of only 7, some say 18, and some sources refer to dozens), the Maharishis of India, who were so pure of heart and mind and had attained such a high level of consciousness that they could see through time and space. They had the ability to see the future lives of millions of people and eternalized these visions on dried Palm Leaves – one for each person’s life they foresaw … and among them possibly your very own.

The Maharishis’ Prophecies

nadi astrologyThe origins of the Nadi Shastra (or Nadi Astrology) are shrouded in the mists of time. Nowadays, no one knows for sure when it came into being or who first looked at the stars and into the divine realms to gain insight into what the future might hold for the people of this Earth. What we do know is that for at least 3,000 years the sages of India, the Rishis, have dedicated their lives to the seeking of knowledge, to gain insight into the past, the present and the future.

Over the centuries, many great Rishis have helped people find their destinies by providing divine insights and guidance, but seven of them are said to be the greatest masters among them all. They are known as the 7 Maharishis, the 7 Great Saints, who used their divine powers to look into the future and predict the lives and fates of millions of people living throughout the ages. Their knowledge will, when the time is right, provide council and guidance to those in need, presented in the form of the Maharishis’ Palm Leaf Prophecies.

The Indian Palm Leaves

Nadi, in the ancient language of Tamil, means “in search of”. Because an individual goes in search of the predictions made for them, to find purpose and direction, the entire system of the Maharishis’ insights and predictions eventually came to be called by this name, Nadi Astrology.

08ytdiscoversarasva_830719g_0Three thousand years ago, personal information about you was dictated by the Maharishis to their disciples and handwritten on special Palm Leaves, also called Nadis. These Palm Leaves were preserved for all this time, for you to access their contents when you need it most. Your Palm Leaf was written specifically for you, to provide you with guidance during the most important times of your life, by allowing you to prepare for future life changing events. If you are approaching this crossroad in your life, then your Palm Leaf begins to draw you upon the search for its contents.

What differentiates Nadi Astrology from Western Astrology?


The main difference between Nadi Astrology and Western Astrology is that while Western Astrology is very vague and general, applying to many people at once, the Nadi Palm Leaves only ever apply to one specific person and their life. Not every person has a Nadi Palm Leaf. The Maharishis’ Prophecies are widely believed to have been received from the Lord Shiva himself – and only those chosen to know about the occurrences in their lives before they happen will ever find their personal Palm Leaf. However, if you are looking for your Nadi Palm Leaf right now, it is most likely that you are among these chosen – as it is also said that only a person who has been destined to know his fate will approach the Nadi reader at a “predestined age” and at a “predestined time”.

What Palm Leaves Hold

nadi readingThe Maharishis’ Palm Leaves were all dictated and written down by hand several thousand years ago in an ancient form of the Indian language Tamil. This language can hardly be compared to our own as its symbols hold much more meaning than our English words do. To correctly interpret what was written, it is therefore crucial to find an experienced reader who is able to understand the deeper meanings and implications prophesized in your Palm Leaf.

The Nadi Libraries of India

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The primary center for Nadi Shastra is in Vaitheeswarankoil, near Chidambaram, in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. Up until the 1930s, Nadi remained little more than an ancient legacy, hardly used or even comprehended by the majority of Hindu Astrologers. The scrolls written by the Rishis not only contained the Maharishis’ Palm Leaf Prophecies, but many scrolls with precious information on the ancient ways of healing and on spirituality. When the British occupied India, they rediscovered these lost treasures, and when they finally left, they took many of these scrolls with them, thus introducing Ayurveda, Yoga and many other practices well known today to the modern world. The scrolls, however, which were perceived as “occult sciences” were left behind, among them the Maharishis’ Palm Leaf Prophecies.

Nowadays, the Maharishis’ Palm Leaves are stored in several libraries throughout Tamil Nadu and can be accessed only by entitled keepers of this ancient knowledge.

Reading the Palm Leaves

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There are only very few Nadi Astrology readers available who can correctly interpret the inscriptions on the Maharishis’ Palm Leaves as it takes a life of study and practice to learn to understand the poetic ancient language in which they are written. Some of the Nadi Shastra Palm Leaves are even written in the form of conversations between the Indian Gods Lord Shiva and Lord Parvathi, expressing concern for and sending divine blessings to their devotees.

Every Palm Leaf’s prophecy holds detailed personal information about the person it was written for, such as their name, their parents’ names, their date and time of birth. Furthermore, a Palm Leaf also contains information about their spouses, their children and their career choices, making sure that the Palm Leaf is a perfect match and indeed for the person looking for a reading.

In addition to this information, the Palm Leaves hold the actual prophecy – the accounts of a person’s possible life path and karma, that may provide them with guidance and council for their future lives. This information is always written from the perspective of the moment the person receives their Palm Leaf Reading. It starts with the present and contains insights into the entire remaining life of the Palm Leaf’s recipient. These insights are organized into Kandams – “chapters” in a person’s life – such as their family life, marriage, career, health, their karma and many more.

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