3-Step Process for Reading

1. Step: Search for Bundle(s)

Our expert readers in India will physically search for your Palm Leaf Bundle(s), which might contain your individual Palm Leaf.
This first step is quintessential for a possible future Reading. Only if you have a bundle you have a chance to find your individual Palm Leaf through the subsequent Matching Process.

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Request for Bundle Search


*You will receive a full refund if no bundle was found in India within 2 weeks of submitting your thumbprint. 


2. Step: Matching of Palm Leaf

During the Matching Process your individual Palm Leaf will be identified out of your bundle(s). For your convenience and safety, the Matching Process is conducted via a live Skype video conference call.
You will receive live support from one of our (western) expert moderators at our institute during the Skype call. From the comfort of your home you will be connected with our team in India. (Thus, there will be a total of four people in the live call: you, a moderator, a reader, as well as a Tamil to English interpreter.)

3. Step: Reading of Palm Leaf

The Reading is the most important part of your experience. Based on your individual Palm Leaf, which was identified during the preceding Matching Process, this final part gives you:
future life reading in the main areas of your life: health, relationships and family as well as career and finances, previous life reading, past karma cleaning
For your comfort and safety, the Reading Process is also conducted via a live Skype video conference call. The same moderator, reader and translator that supported you during the Matching Process will also assist you with your Reading Process.

My cousin told me of her experience with her palm leaf reading and it seemed like it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life.   I was in a place with a lot of uncertainty – with regards to my career and life work as well as new circumstances in my romantic life – and it was causing me to feel a lot of dissonance over what I should be doing.   The palm leaf reading provided a lot of insight into my path and gave me comfort with even the turmoil I was facing at that time, and am sure to face in the future.   
It opened my eyes to some aspects of life I thought were not an option for me in this lifetime.   I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking insight into their journey and purpose, or to anyone who is looking for inspiration in life.  It was a very positive and enlightening experience.  All of the people who assisted in the palm leaf reading and process were very helpful and amazing spirits.  There was no doubt the leaf was mine alone!  Thanks so much for the experience!  
Heidi Von Steelandt


My palm leaf reading experience was fascinating. I got all sorts of information about what I can expect my life’s path to be in the areas of career, love and health. The reader and interpreter were very easy to communicate with and answered all my questions, even questions not directly written on the leaf. This was my second palm leaf reading and I was so curious to see how it would compare to my first reading and it was very similar. 

The institute made the procedure of getting my reading so fast and easy. My first reading, with another company,  I had to wait a month to have my reading and my reading was during hours that had me up all night. This reading was scheduled in and read in less than a week once I submitted my thumb print and it was scheduled to my time zone. It was very fast and convenient.
After the reading I received a recording and further instructions of how I can best utilize my reading going forward. I received a recording I can have forever so i can go back and listen to my life’s path whenever I feel so inclined.
Thank you for making this such an easy and fun process
I will cherish my reading forever


Stacey Weckstein

New York

My palm leaf reading was one of the most profound experiences of my life! Only a few days after I sent my left thumbprint to India, I was informed that my leaf bundle was found! A few days later, with excitement, curiosity, and an open heart I sat down to have my 3 hour session with the reader in India. The matching process and reading were like nothing I had ever experienced before. I was amazed at the
detailed, private information the reader was able to identify about me (without being provided any previous information). My name, my parent’s names, my birthdate, that I was born in the afternoon, and a certain ongoing health issue.
The reader shared details about my current life circumstances which were eerily accurate, as well as the course of my life journey over the next several decades. He spoke of areas of love/relationships, children, family, career, finances, health, and various periods of both luck and misfortune. Wow!
It was fascinating to hear the details of my most recent past life, the karma I have brought forth to this lifetime, and how everything is most certainly connected. I have no doubt of this. What a truly meaningful, powerful experience that has provided me with reassurance, guidance, and most of all peace of mind and heart. It has allowed a deeper sense of clarity and KNOWING, an expansion of awareness, and has helped me to connect the dots of this existence ….. past, present, and future.

Krista Clelland


When i was searching for my palm leaf, I was experiencing in a very challenging, difficult moment in my life. And we all have one. So i needed some guidance and directions. During the process of matching the reader was able to tell both of my parents names, which are difficult Japanese names. I remember feeling chills running down my back, it was amazing! So I believe that really must be true. During the process of reading the reader was telling me up until the moment of my reading my life was a challenging one but they also told me that challenging time is now over. Bright future is now ahead of me. For example the reading helped me to see the clarity in my life. In general now I can see the light the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for helping me in finding my palm leaf!

Rie Sato


Introducing Our Team

Dr. Q Moayad

Dr. Q Moayad


As a sought-after life transformation coach, Dr Q has helped hundreds of people across the globe create fulfilling and meaningful lives for themselves. It was his own palm leaf reading several years ago that prompted him to create the institute and bring this powerful ancient knowledge to the west.

Emese Boda

Emese Boda


Emese is the heart and soul of the Institute. She is a master goldsmith, a medical massage therapist and a former bank manager with Citibank. With her kind and welcoming way she makes everyone feel immediately relaxed and taken care of.

Shyam Surya

Shyam Surya

Manager: India Office

Shyam not only leads our office in India but is also our Senior Translator. Shyam fell in love with Hindu culture and traditions very early in life and has been an expert on the topic since teenagehood. Despite his relatively young age he is deemed as one of the top translators in India in the world of palm leaf readings.

Guruji Jayaraj

Guruji Jayaraj

Senior Reader

Guruji is deemed as one of the most distinguished luminaries in his field. He has been studying the science and art of palm leaf reading for over 40 years. His kind heart and enlightened mind allow him to give highly in-depth and insightful readings which have helped thousands of people across the globe to find direction in their lives and help during challenging times.