1. Step

Search for Bundle(s): U$100.00*

The price includes the physical search for your bundle(s) in archives and libraries in India. As soon as we have received the payment of U$100 as well as a usable thumb impression, including in which country you were born in, the search will commence. It usually takes 1-3 months to find out whether there is at least one bundle for you or not.

*100% Money Back Guarantee! You will receive a full refund if no bundle was found in India within 6 months.

2. Step and 3. Step

Matching of your Palm Leaf and Reading of your Palm Leaf: U$400.00

If at least one bundle was found for you in India, then we can proceed to set up a time for a live matching and a subsequent reading session via Skype. The matching and reading sessions will be confirmed after the payment of U$400.00. The matching process includes: preparation for the matching process by moderator, before matching starts; live ZOOM call with moderator (Europe based), reader and translator from Tamil to English (India based). The ZOOM call will also be recorded and edited and sent to you for future reference.

The reading process includes: same as matching process, plus: guruthan (traditional donation to reader), guideline to your personal mantras and poojas as spelled out in your Palm Leaf (“homework” to cleanse your karma), pictures of your Palm Leaf.

*Leave us your name and email for video explaining the process of Palm Leaf Readings. (it’s only 13 minutes long)