A Manuscript about YOU is in a Library in INDIA…

Search for Your Bundle(s) in India


U$ 100.00

The price includes the physical search for your bundle(s) in archives and libraries in India. You will receive a full refund if not at least one bundle was found in India within 6 months after commencement of search.

“…My reading was amazing, because before I was kind lost and woke up each day kind of lethargic and not knowing what I was meant to do in this life. After my reading I knew right away what my purpose truly is in this world…”

Kirk Evans, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Three Steps to get Your reading
1. Step: Search for Bundle(s)

Our expert readers in India will physically search for your Palm Leaf bundle(s), which might contain your individual Palm Leaf. All we need from you for this first step is your thumbprint (left for women, right for men) and in which country you were born.

2. Step: Matching of your Palm Leaf

The matching itself happens through a process of elimination. As each Palm Leaf represents a life, only one of the Leaves can be yours. Once the Reader can read to you your name, your parents’ names and your date of birth, among other things, then you know that your individual Palm Leaf was found.

3. Step: Reading of the Palm Leaf

The reading is the most important part of your experience. Based on your individual Palm Leaf this final part will let you know about what the Maharishi wrote about your life. It will provide you with answers to your life’s current, burning questions and insights into your future life in all its main aspects. The reading will be recorded for you, so you can re-watch it as many times as you like.

A Palm Leaf Reading can HELP YOU with:


Overcoming and Cleaning bad Karma


Finding Your Right Path and Destiny


Recognizing and Removing Obstacles


Finding Your Right Partner


Learning about Your Children’s Path


Making the Right Career Decisions


Potential Health Issues


1. Step

Searching for bundle(s)


As soon as we have received the payment of U$100 as well as a usable thumb impression, including in which country you were born in, the search will commence. Our expert readers in India will physically search for your Palm Leaf bundle(s), which might contain your individual Palm Leaf.

*100% Money Back Guarantee! You will receive a full refund if no bundle was found in India. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to find out whether there is at least one bundle for you or not. 

2. and 3. Steps

Matching and Reading

The matching process includes: preparation for the matching process by moderator; live Zoom call with moderator (Europe based), reader and translator from Tamil to English (India based).

The reading process includes: same as matching process, plus: guruthan (traditional donation to reader), guideline to your personal mantras and poojas as spelled out in your Palm Leaf to cleanse your karma, pictures of your Palm Leaf. The Zoom call will also be recorded and edited and sent to you for future reference.

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