7 Ways to know if there is a Palm Leaf Prophecy for you

Has everyone a Palm Leaf Prophecy?

Having a Palm Leaf Prophecy of your own can change your life in ways unimaginable. The precious predictions, received and recorded by ancient Indian sages over 3,000 years ago, contain valuable information about your past, your present and your future. Finding your Palm Leaf and hearing about your personal Palm Leaf Prophecy can help you deal with past and current problems, teach you about your purpose in this life and ultimately help you find your true life path.

But not everyone has a Palm Leaf. Only about 40% of the people currently alive on Earth have a Palm Leaf Prophecy of their own and the probability is not the same for everyone either. Below are 7 points that can help you determine how likely it is for you to be able to find your own Prophecy in the ancient libraries in India.

1. You are from Europe, North/South America, Oceania, India, and certain parts of Asia

It may not seem fair, but most Palm Leaf Prophecies have been written for people living in what we now know as Europe, North/South America, Oceania, India, and certain parts of Asia. No one really knows why, but experience shows that if you are from one of these regions, your chance of finding a Palm Leaf Prophecy is around 80 %, whereas people from other regions have a much lower probability of finding their Palm Leaf.

2. You feel lost, on the wrong track or stuck in your current life situation

Palm Leaf Prophecies can help people in many ways. Even if your current life is happy and you feel fulfilled, getting to know the contents of your Palm Leaf can help you avoid bad future decisions, warn you about possible future issues and help you set your Karma straight so as to stay as happy as you are now. However, most Palm Leaves are waiting for people who are dealing with difficult situations or are in need of spiritual guidance. So if you feel you need help from cosmic sources, chances are good there is a Palm Leaf Prophecy waiting for you to provide you with just that.

3. You are open-minded and go through life with an open heart

Many people first hearing their Palm Leaf Prophecy are shocked by how accurately it describes their current situation and past life events. Your Palm Leaf contains personal details like your exact time of birth, your name, your parents’ names, details about your children, family, job and much more. Finding the Palm Leaf is right about so many things regarding your past and present, it can be hard to hear about what your future has in store for you according to the very same Palm Leaf. Palm Leaf Prophecies aren’t wasted on those who won’t listen to them, though. Only if you are open-minded and willing to accept that your personal Palm Leaf Prophecy might shake your world (ultimately for the better!), will destiny have provided you with such guidance.

4. You are spiritual, but not necessarily religious or following Hindu beliefs

Many people wonder if it is necessary to follow Hindu beliefs as the Palm Leaf Prophecies are part of Nadi Astrology and therefore of the Hindu belief system. The answer to this question is no. Hindu is a very open-minded religion and allows for many other beliefs, even atheism. All that is required for you to have a Palm Leaf Prophecy is to believe in powers unseen that can provide you with support and guidance when needed.

5. You have prayed or wished for help

Palm Leaf Prophecies come to those who need them most. If you find you have been hoping for help from the universe for a long time, or if have you have been praying to your God or some unseen force for guidance, it may come to you in the form of a Palm Leaf Prophecy. If you are reading this article right now, chances are your spirit guides lead you here for a purpose.

6. You are between 15 and 75 years old

Although basically there are Palm Leaf Prophecies for people from all age groups, it is most likely for you to have a Palm Leaf of your own if you are between 15 and 75 years old. Children below the age of 18 usually only have Palm Leaves once they are at least 15 years old and only if they feel drawn to finding their Prophecy. For people older than 75 it is less likely to find a Palm Leaf.

7. You are actively looking for your Palm Leaf Prophecy

The exact reason for why people have and do not have Palm Leaves is as shrouded in mystery as the Prophecies and their origins themselves. What we do know for a fact, however, is that people who feel drawn to looking for their Palm Leaf have a much higher probability to have one than those who are asked to or coaxed into trying to find it by friends and family members. So if you feel some inexplicable pull towards searching for your own Palm Leaf Prophecy, it is very likely you will indeed find it.

Great news is that even if you only feel strongly about one of these and you start your search then you have a 97% chance of finding your Palm Leaf. If you would like to learn more about finding your own Palm Leaf Prophecy, you may take a look here and learn more about the ancient Nadi Prophecies and how to start the search for your personal Palm Leaf.